Everyone has interesting things happen to them - at least once in a while - but not everyone knows how to tell a good story about their experiences. Susanne Schmidt is someone who does!
— Jane Lindholm, Host, Vermont Public Radio

Susanne began her stand up comedy career in 2012 and since then has been a featured performer with The Boston Comedy Chicks, The Boston Women in Comedy Festival, The SheDot Toronto Comedy Festival, Improv Boston and The Vermont Comedy Divas. She has performed in venues across the country from Maine to Alaska!  


Susanne’s work as a comedic storyteller has been featured on CBS Sunday Morning, The Moth, HBO’s Inspiration Room, WGBH Stories from the Stage and Massmouth Suitcase Stories. In 2015 Susanne was named The Academy of Music Theater and New England Public Radio first "Best of the Valley Voices.”

Susanne is most proud of being known as the "baby with the biggest head" in her family.  

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Speaker / Consultant

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Susanne instantly understood the unique needs of our group and worked to create an inclusive environment where EVERYONE belonged!

After a long career as a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor and professor of graduate studies, Susanne understand the neuroscience involved in telling and and hearing a good story. Her compelling and humorous keynote presentations assist listeners to understand why stories are so powerful and the role they play in health.

Susanne consults with a variety of individuals, groups, leadership teams, and board members wanting to harness the power of first person narrative to forward the mission of their organization. Susanne is a teaching artist at The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts and provides storytelling coaching to small teams and individuals.

Susanne’s experience as a mental health clinician makes her uniquely qualified to needed to provide therapeutic consultation to to groups people who are differently abled and because of this, who’s voices may be undervalued. Her focus on “using the power of stories for good” brings her audience to a deeper level.

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From start to finish, Susanne attended to every detail of our production. Her ability to coach storytellers, offer technical expertise and provide creative direction is a winning combination.

In addition to her role as a StorySlam producer for The Moth, in 2013, Susanne founded Say It Forward Productions .

Designed with the intention of promoting the power of stories for good, Susanne collaborates with organizations to tell their own stories.

Using her experience as a storyteller, coach and teacher, Susanne consults with non-profits to produce individualized fundraising events that are designed to highlight the the mission and achievements unique to each organization she works with.

Some of the organizations Susanne has worked with include:

Planned Parenthood, Department of Justice, State of Vermont, The Federation of Families, AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, The Network to End Domestic Violence, University of Vermont Medical School, Legal Aid, The Association for the Blind, The Department of Labor and Crime Victims Services.