Dance Like Everyone is Watching

diva  copy.jpg

My teenage sons would say,

"No mother please don't dance like no one is watching. The person who who invented that line was a terrible dancer who had no children or friends. You should dance as if everyone is watching and judging".

 I certainly don't start out my day thinking "how might I embarrass my children?" Yet, If I had started this week with that as my goal.. nailed it! So when this picture appeared on the back cover of the Seven Days my eldest son had this to say,

 "You do you, mother. If you want to pose in your unders as part of the middle-aged comedy feminist party, I am totally good with that. I would however, appreciate a heads up before one of my friends points it out at the campus pub."

Point taken.

Thanks Aristelle and the Vermont Comedy Divas

Susanne Schmidt