The Organic Hunger Games

There are few times in my life that I can recall feeling truly vindicated; last week was one of theses times. 

Thank you, Sally Pollak at the Burlington Free Press, for this small triumph.  I will readily admit that I was not a supporter of the original plan that favored a bourgeois cooperative over a more utilitarian supermarket, but I don't begrudge this decision. It is however, hard to reconcile what this "good intention" has devolved into. 
When did we become so obsessed with "healthy living" that we were willing to sacrifice our civility in search of high priced organic produce? I continue to struggle with the concept that mowing over a pedestrian in the parking lot to secure the last piece of hand massaged kale is the price we pay for "success".

As the city of Burlington highlights its need for economic development while maintaining its status as a livable city, I would hope that we will take a lesson from the COOP and realize that the term "free range" should never apply to parking.

Susanne Schmidt