This did not JUST happen!

This did not just happen last night. It did not just happen last week, or last month or last year. This did not happen eight years ago when our nation began to clear a path towards hope.

No, this happened the day our nation was born. Born with the premise that there should be have and have nots and that we have the power to sit in judgment of who belongs in which group.

This happened the first day we enslaved humans for profit. The day we allowed men to go unpunished for harming their wives, partners and children. This happened when we sat and watched those we thought to be more powerful than we, exploit those we deemed to be less powerful than us.  

This did not just happen. 

When will love be stronger than hate, hope be larger than fear and compassion be more powerful than judgment? The day we realize that this did not JUST happen and it will not JUST end unless we use our power to change it. 

                                                    "its not just where you came from that counts, it's where you are going."

                                                                                                                                              Ella Fitzgerald

Susanne Schmidt