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Dave Balla guitarist and blues harp player, song writer and vocalist, has been described as a "better looking, less weird version of David Byrne". In addition to The Brevity Thing, he currently plays with Milton Busker and The Grim

Jom Hammack while best known as a mandolin and guitar player, was nominated for a grammy for best kazoo solo on a jazz album. He has played and recorded with musicians across the county and currently plays with Milton Busker and The Grim.

Steve Goldman has been playing guitar and upright bass in the Burlington area for almost fifteen years. In addition to the Brevity Thing, he has been the bassist for Red Hot Juba since 2006. His playing style has been described as "merely adequate" to "didn't take anything away from the guitarists, so there's that" to "hey can that thing get any louder?"

Susanne Schmidt had the good fortune of being born into a family of talented and dedicated musicians, and began her musical studies at the age of six. Currently the drummer of The Brevity Thing, she has also played with Shadow of Longs, Lucrecia Crumb, Hard to Please and Virginia and The Wolves. When she is not drumming (and sometimes when she is) she is writing comedy.